Thursday, August 22, 2019

Approved MotorCity Haunt Club (MCHC) Member Etiquette Statement (23 May 2009)


The MCHC has been fortunate to have established an excellent reputation with haunt-related businesses since its founding in 2004. With safety and common sense in mind, many groups of our type which host public and private events have incorporated written “codes of conduct.” As such, the MCHC steering committee wishes to formally state the rules of etiquette that all members must follow if the Club is to maintain its good name.


1. Set a positive example at all times.


2. Follow all rules and policies stated on-site for MCHC meetings held on public or private property (i.e., safety instructions, photography, etc.). Members who choose to ignore these rules may have their memberships terminated without a refund, according to the Bylaws of the MCHC. Any complaints from meeting hosts to the MCHC will be investigated and acted upon in due course. Any member acting in a manner detrimental to the MCHC’s reputation may have their membership terminated without a refund, according to the Bylaws of the MCHC.


3. MCHC members bringing guests to MCHC events are responsible to insure that their guests also follow rules and policies. Guests or members that violate those rules may be asked to leave the event without a refund.


4. Members (and guests, by association) at MCHC events should bring their Club membership cards for identification purposes.


5. Members may not use their membership in the MCHC to ask for free or discounted admission or merchandise if such an offer has not been given to all MCHC members.

6. Members are encouraged to be interviewed and write articles for the media. Members can and should identify themselves as being affiliated with the MCHC. Members are asked to not represent themselves as MCHC steering committee members or officers. If members are involved in media coverage, it is preferred, but not required, that they notify the MCHC steering committee beforehand. The steering committee can supply a letter of introduction, if necessary. Any member being interviewed by the media should speak positively about the subject in question and avoid negative criticism. Instead, use constructive criticism.


7. Use of the MCHC logo is restricted to those uses approved by the steering committee.


8. Remember, if you are wearing MCHC logo merchandise (always welcome) that you are representing our group. Thanks for helping the MCHC achieve an excellent reputation!

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