Sunday, August 09, 2020

Winter Blues?

Now is the best time to start planning your 2011 halloween display!

Were all starting to get a little stir crazy sitting around the house why not start on your planning for your 2011 display? First take inventory of what worked well last year and what didn't. Next start a list of things you would like to add to your display wether big or small. Now figure out what your budget will be for your display this year. Then go back to your 'to-do' list and see what items will fit into your budget. Sure if your like most of us your budget is next to nothing due to the economy but there is still lots you can do that is free or costs next to nothing. Start looking through websites for ideas, make sure you attend all the Motor City Haunt Club meetings for information and how-to's and keep a note book with the information you have gathered. Now when it comes to getting supplies you can go out and buy everything or start looking through freecycle groups, visit garage sales and flea markets. You will be suprised how much stuff is out there that with a little work on your part will add to your haunted display. Old fake flowers look great with a little dust on them and some brown and black spots or create a wreath for a funeral scene. Clothes are also something you can get for free or cheap and make costumes for actors or dummies. The bottom line is to don't wait till September to plan your haunt get a head start now and have the display you dreamed of in October! 

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