Tuesday, July 14, 2020

You made it through the holidays and you even got a couple of things to add to your display or make a cool new prop but with the cold weather and the snow your asking yourself now what? Now is the perfect time to take stock in your display, set a budget for this years display and push your haunt to the next level. Whether your a seasoned MCHC member or have just joined I'll have some information for you in this article that will help make the time between now and October 31st be productive and fun.


First we need to set our budget for the year. It doesn't matter whether you have $1000 dollars or no money to put toward your display you should be thinking about that now as it will affect how you plan out the year toward setting up your haunt. If your someone that has been subject to the down turn in Michigan's economy then you know you will have to come up with some creative ways to build new props or add new scenic elements to your haunt. One thing you should do is if you is subscribe to your local Freecycle group. They can be a great source for items for your haunt. Also start thinking of some creative ways to raise some extra money that you can use for your haunt. Whether you have a big budget, small budget or no budget at all know what you have is the key.

So we have our budget figured out now what? Well some creative influences would sure help. Going to MCHC meetings is a big plus but there are some other ways to get the creative juices flowing. Movies can be a great source of inspiration as well as surfing the net and finding some great how to sites. Getting the DVD set from Propmaster featuring haunts from across the USA including several members of the MCHC not only give you hours of viewing but let's you see what others are doing. You can order the set from Propmaster in February at this link.  Coming up in March is Transworld National Halloween and Haunted House Show St. Louis, Missouri March 25-28, 2010 www.HauntShow.com Biggest Halloween and Haunted Tradeshow in the World. If you have never been to the Transworld haunted attraction show try to make it this year. There are more things there for a haunted attraction than any place else and while you may not have the funds or space to buy a 20 foot animatronic dinosaur, there is plenty of smaller items you might be able to buy but at the very least you will be inspired! Since this is a tradeshow you can't just walk in the door you will need to register and there are some requirements you have to meet. The easiest way is to get a letter from a exhibitor, if you ask nicely most there are several that will send you one. Our own Jeff Londos usually exhibits there so ask him and he may be able to help you out.  There are several other tradeshows and haunt gatherings throughout the year that are also great for ideas and how to information. Two that come to mind are Mid West haunters Convention and Great Lakes Fright Fest which are two very different but unique experiences.  Mid West (MWHC) is in Columbus Ohio and is tradeshow but offers much more to the home haunter with workshops and demonstrations plus having a large vendors show floor where you can buy in smaller quantities. Great Lakes Fright Fest (GLFF) is a gathering held at Totem Pole campground in Petersburg Michigan (near Dundee) where haunters from everywhere gather for fellowship, demonstrations, workshops and the hi-light of the event is the Huanters against Hunger haunted house built by the attendees and admittance is a can good. The other key diffrence between the two is MWHC  cost to attend and GLFF is free except for your camping spot. Unfortunately this year both MWHC and GLFF occur on the same weekend June 4th through 6th. So you can see why planning now can pay off later.

As the winter snows melt away and the grass greens again you will be counting down the days till the next MCHC meeting so you can see that demo you wanted to or participate in the make and take but don't let our once a month meeting hold you back! You want to work on corpsing buckies? Well post a announcement to the members and invite them over to your back yard and have a workshop of your own. Not sure how to do something or want to have a make and take but don't know how or what to do? Well there are plenty of members that would be willing to help out just asking in the forums on the website or in the list-serve and get your own mini gathering started. Above all keep your eyes on the calendar on the website and watch all the announcements for information that may help you take your haunt to the next level.

If you have an idea for an article for the website or a how to you would like put up just send it to: Caretaker aka Jeff Squires at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I iwll be glad to get that on the website for you.

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