The season finale of the History Channels program Monster Quest on March 24th at 9 P.M. will have a connection to our club. Our own Jilda Macuga who's Uncle was a avid outdoors-man and hunter found himself the one being tracked one time while out and went back the next day to make casts of foot prints he found in the ground where he had been. These prints were wolf like in nature and

helped add to the legend of the Michigan dog-man. Your can read his story here: is were years later Jilda found the casts in her Aunts basement and after finding out about a DJ who made up a song about the Michigan dog-man only to have callers say they have seen him, got a hold of him and told him about the casts. Well the next thing Jilda gets a call from a producer for Monster Quest asking if they could take pictures and interview them for a show they were doing. Jilda said:
"The History Channel said they decided to make it the season finale because it's the best episode of the season & there are some 'surprises.' Now I'm even more anxious to find out what the hell the 'surprises' are! Probably like Jeff Londos said at the meeting, they pick the worst footage to make people look like idiots. Whatever it turns out to be I'm so excited I could howl!"
While Jilda isn't sure whether her interview will end up on the air or the cutting room floor she does know her Uncles story will be on the show which will feature the investigation of American Werewolves. For a blog on the Michigan Dog-man and info on the Monster Quest episode visit:
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