Sunday, August 09, 2020
Another Halloween has come and gone and were left to take down our displays, sweep up the candy wrappers and reflect on the last year of preparation for the big day. Many of us are tired, sore, burnt out like the poor jack o lantern in our yard. Were questioning why we do this to our selves every year and then we remember the faces of the children and adults who look with amazement on our haunt wondering how we did everything we did. We will grumble about how the winds of October 2010 nearly destroyed everything we worked so hard to set up. Our budget was overspent again even we we told ourselves we were spending less this year. Then the image of one of the small trick or treaters looking with some fear and amazement asking if the ghost is real or does our house look like that inside. Were vowing to ourselves that we will not go over the top anymore and we are going to stop spending so much time on the internet looking at how to suites and downloading PDF instructions. We will be putting our props away and telling ourselves we have to much stuff which is taking up to much room and trying to decide what to get rid of. Then our mind will play tricks on us again flashing back to some of the best scares of the night and the looks on there faces. Yes we tell ourselves were done, no more, I'm finished but that little voice in the back of our head is saying something else and we still need to build that new prop we didn't get done this year. It's then when we realize that we can't walk away from this, it is in our blood, it is a part of us that we couldn't live with out. So get some much needed rest, gather up your photos and or videos and join with your fellow haunter at the next meeting on November 6th 2010 to recharge your batteries and help plan a new and exciting year at the Motor City Haunt Club.
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